Why You Need a VIN Checker

For many car owners, the first conversation with a car dealer or an online store employee is not very pleasant, since they ask for a VIN code. This combination of letters makes people looking over different technical documentation, frantically searching for a mysterious designation. Few people know where to look for the elusive vehicle identification number.

In the shops of original equipment manufacturers, VIN decoders are usually embedded in the component catalogs. They say about an engine type, but that is not enough. DMV VIN Check and Lookup website decodes VINs.

Having deciphered this information, it is often possible to establish whether the car was stolen or not. The thing is that thieves do not bother themselves too much with distortion of VIN. They change the numbers so that they differ as little as possible from the original ones.

Where to find a VIN

It is essential to consider the main options of exactly where the manufacturer could put a VIN. A special name plate indicates the place of its location. Different manufacturers place it in different places, but the most typical options are the following:

  • On the front part of the body of the engine compartment.
  • On the floor next to the driver’s seat.
  • On the dashboard (typical for the American car industry).
  • Under the carpet and floor covering.
  • Inside the arch of the right wheel.

Additional Verification Methods

Some manufacturers duplicate the VIN code to protect the owner from thieves and scammers. The duplicate sticker is simply pasted in any of the hard-to-reach places on the car. Other traditional locations include the cylinder head, SUV spars, body struts, and more. Therefore, the additional verification of the correctness of the Vin-number is so popular. And it is also essential to pay attention to the way it is applied. In the registration certificate, it should be written in one line, without hyphens and divisions.

Why It Is Useful

When a dealer deals with many parts for pickups, the wheelbase is often an essential piece of information because most of these tractors were offered in different lengths, and it is measured from the center of the front wheel to the rear wheel. And regardless of what the client is looking for, he needs to correctly name the model, not the trim level. For example, this is a Jeep Wrangler, not a Sahara or Rubicon.

Providing the correct information is a guarantee that the owner of the car will receive the original spare part, and avoid problems with its installation and further operation.

It should be understood that managers working in auto parts stores cannot know the size of the bolts for all models produced in the past few years. These are not geniuses, but ordinary people, who use VIN check, which should facilitate the interaction between dealers and customers. The idea to encrypt information is a perfect and comfortable solution for people all over the world

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